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TickleShow News & Updates 

 -  Deanna's Nude Tickle is now available ONLY at The TickleShow on DVD or crystal clear HD Bluray for just $11!!  

 - Vivian's Barefoot Tickle is now available ONLY at The TickleShow on DVD or crystal clear HD Bluray for just $12!!  
- BOX SETS!!! -  You can still get box sets from our most popular 'Lees.  All box sets contain 4 Full Length DVDs or HD Blurays and you'll save 25-45%!!


Here are the latest DVD and HD Bluray releases from The TickleShow:

Deanna's NUDE Tickle - $11 (13 minutes 30 seconds)

Deanna is oh, so ticklish!  

We loved tickling her when she was clothed, so, we figured it would be even MORE fun to tickle her NUDE!

We strap Deanna down to a bed and tickle every available inch of her naked body.  We knew her pits, ribs and feet were super ticklish, but, what we discovered was that her thighs, butt and, esp her crotch were extremely ticklish!

We also saw that Deanna was a real trooper.  We tickled the DAYLIGHTS out of her and in the last few seconds of the video, you can see that she is struggling, losing her voice, etc.  But she manages to make it through the tickle torture with a smile on her face!

Deanna was a joy to tickle.  She's a real free spirit who is comfortable in her own skin and who LOVED the experience of being tickle tortured.


Vivian's Barefoot Tickle - $12 (15 minutes)

The TickleShow is proud to welcome back Vivian; one of the sexiest 'lees in our community.  She is a 24 year old raven haired beauty with a sweet, sultry voice and when she is tickled, she FREAKS!  

We had to stop the shoot three times because she was screaming so much.  

After having tickled Vivian in nylons a few months back, we figured it was time to attack her body and those sensitive, soft feet while they are exposed and completely bare.  The reactions are priceless!

Vivian is one of those rare 'lees who is actually just as ticklish, if not more ticklish when you stroke her bare soles.  The skin is so soft and so excruciatingly ticklish, she can only cackle uncontrollably and flail her body around!

Of course, we wouldn't be very good ticklers if we ignored Vivian's super ticklish upper body!

after a few minutes attacking her sensitive and exposed pits, we refocus on her super soft soles, while her feet are locked in our stocks!

Box Sets of Alicia, Jessie, Nora and Tina - $35 each (4 DVDs per set)

As of August 5, 2013, all four of our most enduring models "retired" from tickling.  

Tina, Nora and Jessie had all walked away in the last year.  

We were saddened when the last of them, Alicia told us she was officially done with the game.  

So we decided to put all their great ticklish material out in box sets.  Let's remember their greatness in these discounted box sets.

Each set contains 4 full length DVDs or HD Blurays.