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Alicia's 1st Tickle - $15

Man, are you gonna love Alicia!


This 26 yr old Jersey Girl agreed to do our video on a lark.  She had heard of tickle torture before but had never experienced it.  What we ended up with was a nearly 20 minute barefoot bikini tickle fest that you will need to see again and again.


Alicia wore a nice, little thong & pantys that totally showed off her incredible butt and complemented her sweet tattoos and belly button piercing.  She had sexy, long straight hair that thrashed around when she was tickled AND she discovered just how ticklish her sexy size 6 bare feet really were!




Alicia's Nylon Tickle - $9

  One of the sexiest 'lees to ever find herself under our tickling fingers has returned to The TickleShow for a little video we are calling Alicia's Nylon Tickle.


Alicia tells us she has some experience in adult films, as Alicia Kane.  We're just glad she enjoyed her first experience with us so much that she decided to come back for more!

Just because this is a nylon video, doesn't mean we ignore all that deliscously ticklish upper body that Alicia has just waiting for a tickling.

We added a new device to the fold in this video, by strapping Alicia on an incline, keeping her helplessly ticklish,nylon clad tootsies up high for easy tickling, while her head remains down near the ground.





Alicia's Barefoot Tickle -  $15

One of the sexiest women I have ever tickled, Alicia is back for a 3rd session at The TickleShow


For video #3, we decided to go back to some barefoot tickling, since Alicia has 2 of the softest and most ticklish feet ever! 

Alicia also decided to go schoolgirl on os for this one, dressing in a small white top, pleated, plaid miniskirt and VERY nice black 4 inch heels.  Those, of course came off very quickly.


If we could tickle Alicia once a week, we would.  We hope you enjoy the show! 

Alicia's Nude Tickle - $20


Alicia's Nude Tickle is finally available here on DVD or HD Bluray!  Alicia has asked that we save some nudity for the actual DVD, so we will be discreet and not just show everything here, although you'll see more here than anywhere else
This is the 4th video we've made with Alicia and it is always a lot of fun to have her on the table. 
There will be more of her coming soon!