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Dakota's Barefoot Tickle - $15 (15 minutes)
You are going to love Dakota!

The one and only Addie Juniper recommended her to us, personally and she did not disappoint! Not only was Dakota super cute, she was VERY ticklish!
We started by strapping her onto out bench with her arms raised, leaving her sensitive armpits exposed to all of our ticklish touches. We found out that her ribs and tummy were very ticklish, so we took advantage!
After mummifying her legs and tickling her bare feet, we had put toe spreaders on her ticklish tootsies and tickled for a few minutes, all the while, she couldn't wiggle her toes or curl up her feet!
We figured we'd get a little more upper body tickling in while she was there, too!
Then we put her on her belly and made her the first TickleShow model to ever be locked in our very own stocks!  It was fun to be able to lock her feet in and tickle away. 
We were even able to get in a little butt tickle, which I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy.
We finish up by tickling her exposed upper body, giving you a nice, tight shot of her face the entire time!



Dakota's Nylon Tickle - $10 (10 minutes)

I can't thank Addie Juniper enough for referring Dakota to us.  She has proven to be one of our great 'lees!  Now, we have her in NYLONS!

Dakota is just a sexy, adorable and super ticklish girl who seems to be able to just take all the tickling we can dish out.  She just takes it and takes it and laughs her sexy ass off!

As you can see, Dakota wore some knee length black sheer stockings and a super sexy lace top with a TEENY little micro mini.  So mini, that her sweet pussy was left for all the world to see!

After we spend a good amount of time tickling her sensitive upper body, we move down to Dakota's soft, ticklish legs and super sensitive feet.  The giggling was SUCH a turn on!!

Once we get down to Dakota's beautiful, nylon covered soles, we shift the camera over so you can get the soles of her feet right in your face!  This is a must see in HD!!

We finish her nylon tickling with a full body flourish, tickling Dakota's entire body until she can no longer breathe!  This is a must see on a big screen!