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Janet's Nylon Tickle - $7
Janet is an interesting story.  She was my waitress in an upstate NY greasy spoon diner and she giggled when someone at the next table tickled their kid, so I just flat out asked her if she'd do a video.  2 hours later, we shot Janet's Nylon Tickle. 

She's not what you usually see in tickle vids.  She's really short, describes herself as a BBW and is on the plain side; but she is very ticklish and was willing to give it a go, so why not??  We are offering this video at a big discount because we are not thrilled with the lighting.  The pics say it all.  But this 10 minute DVD is available here for $7!


  Janet's Barefoot Tickle - $15

  Our favorite, chubby 'lee has returned for more at The TickleShow!

Janet and her cute giggle and scared, worried look was bound to a bed and her socks were removed.  We enjoyed lightly running our fingertips all over her bare soles.


We don't ignore the pits, either!