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Lindsay & Tina's 1st Time - $13

Lindsay & Tina are two girls from Manhattan who never met prior to shooting this video.  Lindsay is a tall, statuesque ebony beauty with modeling experience, Tina is a sexy, tiny Latina who is OFF THE CHARTS ticklish and LOVES it!  The one thing that sticks out in this vid is how much Lindsay hates to be tickled and how much Tina enjoys it.  After the shoot, Lindsay ran out but Tina asked if we could use her again, but in a much more intense video.  Of course, we agreed.  Look for her again in the fall.   You can download individual clips at www.clips4sale.com/28100 or order a shiny new DVD with previews of future videos at www.videos4sale.com/28100.  Also, by request, a full length download of just Tina being tickled silly, Tina By Request is available at our www.clips4sale.com/28100 site




Enjoy the Show!

Tina's Solo Tickle - $12

Tina has returned for her first solo tickling adventure! 

Arguably our most ticklish model ever decided to give it another go. 


We strap her down to a bed and very slowly and deliberately tickle the crap out of her tender soles, soft, silky legs, tattooed belly and sensitive armpits. 

For those of you who like your 'lees to be properly inked, Tina is for you!  She has a few tattoos on her ankles and just over her bikini line and she just added two huge tatts over each breast.  Tina is an all time great and she'll be back for sure!



Tina's Nylon Tickle - $9

Tina has come back to us for a THIRD time!  This time, she experiences, for the first time what it feels like to get her super ticklish soles manhandled in ULTRA SHEER nylons! 

Because of her sexy tan complexion, we felt the nylons needed to be black, but they are so thin and sheer, the only thing that lets you know she's wearing them is the black toes and heels and, of course, her super loud reaction to the tickling!


In the last clip from this video, we give you a bonus at Tina's expense!  As we are untying her legs, her feet are still unable to move, so we start tickling her some more!  It's amazing how thinking the tickling is over makes the "bonus" tickling even MORE ticklish!



Tina Topless & Nude - $11
Finally! Tina gets naked and we tickle the crap out of her!
Tina is one of the most naturally sexy women I have ever met and she is sooooo ticklish!  The best part is, the more she gets tickle tortured; the more she seems to enjoy it.
Despite all that; she still says it tickles the crap out of her!  We are so glad!
We are so glad we were able to discover this girl!